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"Favorite Teacher..."-Madison County Carrier 11/07
"A Man of Change" -Valdosta Daily Times
Dataflex article: How my career as a Technical Instructor was launched-09/1996


Seminary and Parish Experience

Welcome to 3WsCertification.com

"The home of Common Sense Integrated Networking Solutions"

3WsCertification.com is the web portal for Warren E. Wyrostek, M.Ed., M.Div., a Master Certified Novell Instructor (Novell CNI and MCNI), a Microsoft Trainer and a Microsoft Partner-Registered Member located at the crossroads of North Florida and South Georgia.

For links to my CV/Bio/Publications/Certifications/Authorizations and Education etc; feel free to Cllck Here. Some of Warren's references and recommendations can be viewed through his profile on LinkedIN. Click Here to view the public profile. To view the references request a Link to Warren.

Feel free to view the courses that I am authorized to teach by clicking here.

The secondary purpose of 3WsCertification.com is to provide an online portal for follow-up training for my students, readers, and customers. The focus of 3WsCertification is Novell and Microsoft Product Support, which includes support for NetWare from 3.x to 6.5, GroupWise 6.x, ZENWorks, Directory Service needs, BorderManager, Active Directory, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista.

Career Summary:

  • Doctoral Student in Curriculum and Instruction at Valdosta State University.
  • I have worked extensively over the course of my career assisting companies and clients achieve compliance with Federal, State, and Local Regulatory agencies, codes and standards through Solution-based Program development and deployment including Training Programs, Certification and Assessment Programs, Environmental Health and Safety Programs, Emerging Technology Adoption Programs, and Learning and Development Programs.
  • Noted author on Integrated Networking, IT Certification, and Paths for Career Changer's Interested in IT.
  • Author of "Novell NetWare 6.5 CNA Exam Cram 2"
  • Author of "The Career Changer's Checklist" as published on InformIT.com.
  • Contributing Author of " VCP Exam Cram"
  • Creator/Developer of the "Master of Integrated Networking" Certification as reviewed in Redmond Magazine at: http://redmondmag.com/columns/article.asp?editorialsid=1885 and detailed in:
    and presented for the wider IT community on InformIT.com in March 2008.
  • Learning/ Educational / Training Consultant with an Expertise in Adult Technical Education and Management and IT Certifications and Assessments.

Recent Honors

  • The Top 10 Problems with IT Certification in 2008- was sited as the 8th Most Popular Article for 2008 on InformIT.com. 1/09
  • Scholarship winner from the International Biopharmaceutical Association for CDM Training toward the GCP and GDMP certifications-2007
  • Sited as "Man of Change" by Valdosta Daily Times, 10/05: http://www.3wscertification.com/ValDailyTimes.html
  • Sited as “Favorite Teacher Still Creating Computer Specialists,” 11/07, Madison Co. Carrier
  • Career Changer's Checklist; Published-December 01, 2009 as an eBook; Pearson Education; ISBN-10: 0-7686-9652-6
    ISBN-13: 978-0-7686-9652-3

Recent Certifications

  • CLA
  • CLDA
  • LPIC-1


Current Status

Starting February 2010 Warren began working for McKesson, Corp. as a Technical Course Developer and Lead Certification Specialist.

Available Services

I am still accepting PT/Contract opportunities as a Technical Trainer, Freelance Writer, Course Developer including e-Learning, Technical Editor/ Educational-Learning Consultant.

I have over 50 articles published, 30 Technical Edits etc.

I bring a Master's in Education with a specialty in Adult Vocational Technical Education.

I have served as an Educational/Learning Technology Consultant for over 15 years to K12 (Districts and Technology Directors) and Universities in North Florida and South Georgia.

I have over 15 years in IT, Training and Course Development and Instructional Design. Two Master's Degrees and over 50 IT Certifications are part of the package.


Experience with the following Software products:

  • Dreamweaver
  • Acrobat
  • Flash
  • Visio
  • Framemaker
  • Authorware
  • Articulate
  • Captivate
  • Camtasia
  • Snag-it
  • Office 2007
  • Open Office
  • Photoshop
  • XML
  • Adobe eLearning Suite
  • WavePad, RecordPad,VideoPad
  • Ramping up on RoboHelp 8
  • Most Operating Systems including Windows NT, Server 2000/ 2003/2008, Novell NetWare 3.x-6.x; SuSE Linux, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, and many other Linux distros.

Past Projects

  • Contract Course Development and Instructional Design. Projects have included
    • Cornell University Medical College- Safety Curriculum in Life, Chemical, Fire and Biohazard Safety
    • Custom Novell classes for IT Professionals
    • Microsoft MCSE supplemental classes and labs for those preparing for certification.
    • CIW course supplements covering HTML, Photoshop, ColdFusion, Flash, PHP, JavaScript, JAVA, and XML.
    • Applications courses in Office, Wordperfect, Excel, Gradebook, Basic Computers, and Networking 101
    • Practice Tests for a host of companies covering Novell, Microsoft, Cisco, CIW, and Application Programming languages.
    • Basic Residential Construction
    • Course appendices for Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics, Basic Computer use in the Classroom
    • Courses in College Biology and Remedial Calculus for Career Changers returning to College- primarily for independent study
    • Web presentations/content covering a variety of networking skills and products including ZENworks.
    • "Novell NetWare 6.5 CNA Exam Cram 2"
    • "Career Changer's Checklist"

Philosophically, I am opposed to my customers being vendor-dependent, i.e. dependent on me for everything. I want my customers to take full ownership of their environments, and I will work to help them accomplish this.

My main client focus over the years has been schools, colleges and medical practices, though II have provided support to other sectors as well.

For my rates please visit my revised Rates page. Feel free to Contact me if you should need a consultant who specializes in providing common sense solutions, not solutions geared to emptying your wallet. I will be glad to provide you with references.

Installation Presentations:

For Students, Readers and Customers who want to experience all of the joy of installing a variety of Novell Products, I am providing a number of slide presentations of actual installations. For the reader and student who do not have computers or the software to perform these installations, you will be able to prepare for a variety of certification objectives by going through the selected installation screen-by-screen. For my customers who are getting ready to perform an actual installation, you can either follow along prior to, or during the process so that you know what information is required and what options I chose on this test server. More installation presentations will be provided in the near future. Enjoy installing your Novell Products.

Reference Material:

Be sure to stop by the Novell Links page where you will find quick access to many of Novell's most popular websites. Also on the Samples page you will find samples of many of NetWare's configuration files. On the 6.x URL's page you will find examples of the URLs used to access many of NetWare 6.5's management utilities.

Novell NetWare 6.5 CNA Exam Cram 2 Information:

Be sure to stop by the Training page if you are looking for the links to the Novell NetWare 6.5 CNA Exam Cram 2 Errata page, and Additional Exercises. Before you go to take your NetWare 6.5 CNA exam, 050-686, make sure you review the concepts I cover on the Facts and Concepts you need to know to earn the CNA page. If you are skeptical and want to see what readers are saying about the Exam Cram 2 CNA book, take a look at Reader Comments on this title. You will also see there some general comments that readers and visitors have freely shared. If you want to get more information on the exam- 050-686, see the great review by Emmett Dulaney on CertCities.com. On September 12, 2007 it was cited as the Book of the Week on CertCities.com .

A very gracious story titled a "A Man of Change" by Dean Poling, describes the genesis of this title. It was published in the Valdosta Daily Times, of Valdosta, Georgia, on October 15, 2005. The article was not posted on the Times' website, but I was given permission by the editor to post it here.

One report that I have received on this book, which I find quite gratifying, is periodically during its' initial 6 months, it has been the "Number 1 CNA title" and the the "Number 1 Novell book" on Amazon.com. It has not been consistently Number 1, but for those times when it has I am very grateful. As you are all aware these ratings change hourly on Amazon.com, but nevertheless, that is quite an honor. The publisher is actively attempting to have the Exam Cram 2 CNA title placed on Novell Press' website. If you cannot find a copy of this book in your local book store I would encourage you to order it from Amazon.com. Many local bookstores are not stocking it for reasons that I do not understand. If you want to read an excerpt from the book please Click Here..

Allow me this opportunity to address a misconception about this Exam Cram2 book. This book IS NOT meant to be a braindump of the 050-686 exam. The questions, concepts and facts address all of the live test objectives. All facts and concepts that I have seen on this exam, and others like it, are covered. I did not disclose any verbatim questions nor would I. The questions will give you a genuine feel for the live exam. Do NOT assume that these are the live questions. They are NOT. My role in this book is that of teacher or instructor, preparing you for the exam. My role is NOT to give you the live test questions. Some who purchase this book believe that it is a BRAINDUMP. Nothing is farther from the truth. If you take the time to study the facts, concepts, and questions that I have provided for you and follow the leads I have given you on the CramSheet and on my Facts and Concepts page, with a little practice you will do fine and earn the CNA on your first attempt. That is my goal and wish. Nothing takes the place of diligent study and practice.

Practice Questions / Practice Exams:

Many of you who visit this site are simply seeking practice exams for the 050-686 exam. To the best of my knowledge, none of the major practice test providers have developed content for this exam. The Exam Cram 2 contains several hundred practice test questions. I have wanted to develop a practice test engine for this site, but have not had the time to devote to it. I would encourage you to take a look at the practice questions that I have created for the Exam Cram 2. Here is what one reader said on Amazon.com about the practice questions included in the book.

"I bought this book 2 weeks before sitting my CNA 6.5. It's an excellent resource that covers all the exam objectives clearly and concisely. Each chapter ends with questions that you'd typically find on the exam. The end of the book also contains two complete practice exams that will prepare you for the real thing. After two weeks of study with this book and some hands on practice with Netware 6.5, I scored (736/800) on the test."

What's New- 2008- New Presentations using a New Format (Note: use the left and right arrow keys to navigate these presentations.)

  1. Demo for Podcast- with Title Clips
  2. Demo for DVD packaging-with Captions
  3. Demo for Webcast-with Captions and No Audio
  4. ZENworks 7 Backend and MidTier Installation Presentation on SLES 9
  5. ZENworks 7 Installation Presentation on NetWare OES
  6. ZENworks 7 Installation Presentation of the Agent
  7. Integrated Networking Presentation
  8. eDirectory Primer-"Excerpt from Novell NetWare 6.5 CNA Exam Cram 2"
  9. Fundamentals of eDirectory Presentation- Test Teach June 2008
  10. TCP/IP-Subnet Masking Practice Test
  11. TCP/IP-Subnet Masking Practice Test Key
  12. Who Wants to Be an MCSE- Pre Test for NT 4.0
  13. Partitioning and Replication Exercises
  14. OSI Layer Notes-PDF
  15. OSI Layer Notes-XLS
  16. Informit Articles on Certification and the Master of Integrated Networking
      1. The Top 10 Problems with IT Certification in 2008- 3/2008 http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=1180991
      2. Now What? First Steps into IT, 2008 Edition- 3/2008 http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=1183904

Master of Integrated Networking

The public announcement for this program was published on InformIT.com in March 28, 2008.

One course/program that I have proposed to several schools and publishers is "Designing and Administering an Integrated Network". A book proposal for this title was submitted to Novell Press in '06 just before they went through a round of budget cuts.

This course/program would require students to design, configure, implement and administer a real-world enterprise network that consists of NetWare, Microsoft, and Linux/UNIX servers and workstations, Cisco appliances, remote access solutions, and wireless devices. This program would take a student through introductory skills and concepts required to manage each of these platforms as well as have them incorporate products such as ZENWorks, Identity Manager, an e-mail solution and finally an SQL solution that would make distribution of data and applications manageable. Incorporated in this network would be a Web server, a Proxy Server, a NAT solution, a DNS and DHCP solution and a firewall.

Depending on the time available this could be a single course, or a program leading towards a degree, i.e. multiple courses with the final project being the development, design and configuration of a working enterprise.

If a vendor were interested, this could be a vendor-based certification, or an "open-source", "Multi-vendor/platform" certification, leading to a Master level designation. Some would say this is overkill, but those are the folks who have not looked at HR requirements for recent Network Engineer, System Engineer type jobs. This type of curriculum and their associated certifications and potential degree are what is being asked for in the IT market place. It just does not exist. Not in a way that if you hire someone with a single certification/degree you are assured that that person has the qualifications and hands-on experience necessary to do the job in an enterprise. This degree/certification guarantees that the person will have the needed skills and knowledge. The certification or degree could be called "Master of Integrated Networking."

A possible degree/certification/certificate program might consist of the following courses and assessments:

(Prerequisite: Either the A+ and NET+ certifications, or equivalent documented knowledge and experience. Could be validated with an online assessment.)

Revision 03/2008

Introduction to Directory Services-covering eDirectory, NDS, ADS, LDAP, X.500 and more. Computer-based cognitive exam
Novell OES Administration Novell CNA Exam
Microsoft - Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Environment (Or the Appropriate MS Server exam for your area.) Microsoft MCP
Microsoft - TS: Microsoft Windows Vista, Configuring (or the equivalent MS Client exam for your area) Microsoft MCTS
Linux Server Administration LPI Level 1certification
Introduction to Cisco Routing and Switching Cisco CCNA
Introduction to E-Mail Systems (Exchange, GroupWise, Notes, Sendmail, Postfix or whatever the industry in your geographic area is using in the enterprise) Vendor exam for equivalent
Introduction to Enterprise Services- Apache, IIS, DNS, DHCP, NAT and Virtualization Project: On a single virtual server, install, configure and deploy and populate a Web Server, and deploy a DNS, DHCP, and NAT solution.
Security 101- Firewalls, Packet Filtering, Access Control Lists, Directory Service Security, File System Security

Either CompTIA's Security+, SCNP certification or a security certification from Microsoft or Cisco- depending on geographic demand.

SQL 101 Either the MS TS toward SQL 2005 or MySQL CMA certification.
Wireless 101-Optional CWNA certification
Final Project/Capstone Course- Master of Integrated Networking- 4 Credit/60 Hour Master’s Course

Design, Install, Configure, Administer, Secure, Use, Troubleshoot and Evaluate an Enterprise environment using geographically relevant platforms and skills.

Students would graduate with a possible degree, multiple vendor certifications, a Master Level Certification/Certificate, and real-world experience in an Integrated, Enterprise Networking Environment.


Those who might be interested in such a course/program, feel free to contact me at 3WsCertification.com. I will be glad to work with Colleges, Universities, Vendors and/or Training Partners to change the face of the IT Training and Certification Industry.

This program has been presented to and is being consider by Florida State University's College of Information. It is also being presented to the wider community through an upcoming article on InformIT.com. It should be published in Q1 2008.

It has been reviewed by Emmett Dulaney in the August 2007 edition of Redmond Magazine. The review is called The Need for an Integration Certification. That review and Emmett's constructive comments can be found Here. My thanks to Emmett and Redmond Magazine for taking the time to review and present this proposal to the wider IT community. Any and all comments are welcome. Feel free to contact me at:


For the most up-to-date, official proposal for this program please contact me at the above email address.

Several suggestions that have come in since the review was published in Redmond Magazine and that I am seriously considering include the following:

  • Include a section dealing with networking Macintosh computers
  • Include a section dealing with virtualization and VMWare- might be creating a test lab using VMWare
  • Include a section on PMP
  • Include a section on Oracle
  • Remove the section on ZENWorks
  • Remove the section on Identity Manager
  • Include a section on Network Troubleshooting
  • Include a section on Installing and Configuring a Blackberry Server
  • Include a section on Web Conferencing
  • Comments from an Instructor in the UK:
    • Yes this type of certification is needed. I thought Novell was going there with the CDE.
    • Fits more in to academia rather than commercial training. Commercial training is more related to job roles. ... A student though will want this type of training so they would be able to apply for a range of jobs and also be assured of their skills learning the many IT disciplines.
    • Vendor neutral is good, but products like IDM and Zenworks Configuration Management could be included as they are platform and directory agnostic.
    • I think covering both GW and Exchange is good, a real comparison thatmany techies never get to see; however maybe IBM's Lotus Notes /Domino server should be in here to help support for IBM
    • Web Services throws a spanner in the works as we move from administration into development. Admins should have some dev skills such as vbscript, bash scripting etc but the practical side of style sheets and xml do not fall into admin.
    • I would agree with adding in virtualization

Addenda: This Program has also been cited in MCP Magazine: 8/2007

and Enterprise Windows Magazine online.

Current Projects- 3/2008

  • Technical Edit Ubuntu Bible
  • Technical Edit Security + Study Guide-Sybex
  • Technical Edit: SuSE Linux 11 Bible- Wiley
  • Technical Edit: 70-623 Vista Exam Cram 2- Que Publishing-COMPLETED
  • Technical Edit: Linux for Dummies-Wiley
  • 3 InformIT articles on Current State of IT Certification
  • Master of Integrated Networking Course
  • CDM course towards the GCP and GDMP from KRGI.org
  • Technical Edits of several courses offered by KRGI
  • Developing online format for some of the courses that I teach for RealTimeITSolutions.com

Current Titles that I am Promoting/Writing

    The Role of Change

    Our lives are predicated on change but in order to be able to predict an outcome we need to have a Constant, a Reference, a North Star. It is the Constant that gives us stability, insight, and direction during change. The Constant is someone, something, some idea, or ideal that does not change. Our ability to predict an outcome during change is based on the Constant that we reference off of.

    A Career Changer's Checklist

    Will be published in 2008 in 13 installments on InformIT.com

    In 2001 and 2004 I had the opportunity to write two articles for InformIT.com that focused on Career Changer's in Information Technology. Since the response to those brief articles generated much discussion, I have played with the idea of expanding it to a short book or series of articles that would ask those faced with a career change, or for that matter looking for a job, a series of focused questions illustrated with examples from my own experience. The tone of this 100-150 page text (no more than 150 pages, i.e. a series of 12-14 articles each about 8-10 pages centered on a common theme) will be the same as it was in the two InformIT articles - conversational, and non-threatening.

    The intended audience is the whole working IT population who are having to struggle with the "how do I make a career change,” "what do I do for a career" questions. I will freely share from my own experiences and varied career options in the professional sector, teaching sector, IT sector, healthcare sector, and in the trades.

    Called to Be a Son

    A monograph where I examine the nature of call, what it means to be called as a son in this day and age, while looking at Jesus' call as Son.


Benedicat vos omnipotens Deus Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus!


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